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Candle Care

KEEPING YOUR CANDLE CLEAN Keeping your wicks trimmed and your candles free of debris is the best way to avoid soot and smoke, however, dealing with fire can often leave a bit of soot along the inside of the glass. This is incredibly easy to clean! Get a paper towel and some coconut oil. When the candle is cooled, wipe the inside of the glass with the coconut oil. Ta-Da! Good as new!

CANDLE BURNING DON’TS · Don’t leave unattended · Don’t play with the wax or try to move the wax around the jar. This will make the wax uneven and promote uneven burning. · Don’t burn for more than 4 hours. Your wick can “mushroom” and create a large and unstable flame. · Don’t forget to trim that wick! Untrimmed wicks lead to popping, smoking, and soot. This is how candles end up looking dirty and full of debris. · Don’t burn in a small unventilated room. · Don’t fall asleep with your candle burning. CANDLE BURNING Dos Enjoy often! Treat yourself!

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