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Our CDN range of wicks are a flat braid, textile grade cotton wick with a special paper filament core that increases the rigidity of the wick and enhances it burning qualities.  

Our CDN range is coated in a high melt wick wax for added stability.  Our CDN range is manufactured in the USA and are self trimming.  Self trimming wicks are specifically designed to bend at the tip into the hottest part of the flame contributing to a cleaner burning candle.

Lead Free

Cruelty Free

Wick tab size: 15mm x 3mm

They boast Increased rigidity and enhanced burning properties for natural waxes - each wick is around 33mm.

Try this wick in our Polycarbonate Tealights

As with all wicks, testing is required to confirm suitability.

CDN 4 Tealight Wick

GST Included |
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